Burpday - Yay!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Well, Birthday "week" was a success. H loved every minute of every day - talking about her "Burpday Party" and yelling "yay" every chance she got! She spent her birthday at daycare telling everyone "It's my burpday - I two!" Lisa tells us it was adorable and we know exactly what she means as she's spent a good majority of time telling us and anyone else who would listen the same thing! Thursday night was her 2nd birthday - The Minnesota Wild home opener was also that night so we took Derek to Gary and Tammy's and took Hailey to the game with us. Things started off a little rocky as Hailey wasn't too sure about leaving her Buddy behind. As we walked off Gary and Tammy's deck Hailey went back to the screen door crying - "My Derek. My Derek. Buddy go?" Once we got her to the game she forgot all about Buddy and enjoyed some time with Mommy and Daddy. After an hour the novelty had worn off, the ice cream was gone and she just wanted to run. We humored her for a bit, taking turns walking the concourse and then decided to head home.

Saturday was the big day. Her "burpday party" and Rob and I's annual - we've been blessed with a fabulous daughter party. When the guests began arriving Hailey was yelling - "Burpday Party - I two!!" "Yay! Yay!" She was actually trying to JUMP while yelling - which just might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Of course she doesn't get anywhere - just squats down and springs up. The party was a huge success and we had company til almost midnight. Derek made it until about 10 pm and I put Hailey down shortly thereafter. Not that they were ready - I just thought they should probably get some rest! We are so blessed with such kind, loving and generous friends and family. Hailey was spoiled rotten by those who know and love her - books, puzzles, clothes, toys, money. What is a kid to do!! When I was taking down the party decorations she asked me..."Where Burpday go?" What I want to know is where did the last two years go??

Today I was home with the kids as daycare was closed. It was our last day of birthday celebrating - doing nothing but playing and eating cookies whenever we wanted. Rob and I took the kids for their well child checks today. Both are as healthy as can be and doing great. Hailey weighed in at 27.7 pounds - Derek at 20.10! At nine months old he is catching up to her quickly!! He is already four inches taller than she was at age 9 months!


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