Hormel Pepperoni & After School Snackin'! #HormelFamily

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Despite our kiddos' school putting on some pretty great school lunches - 
(fresh salad, fruits, veggies, etc...)
and getting to bring a healthy snack to school each day to eat outside of lunch - 

Our kids generally come home from school pretty hungry...

And since we are almost always heading out to here, there, and everywhere shortly after we get home from school....getting a good, filling snack is so so important.


Hormel Pepperoni!

It's one of our son's favorites - to just eat right out of the bag.
(He prefers the Turkey Pepperoni variety, and though he doesn't need to worry about calories, it works out great for the rest of us too!)

 In order to give him a little something extra to stick to his ribs, to get him through the after school hockey practice, we decided to combine a few of his favorite things.

Crescent Rolls, Hormel Turkey Pepperoni, and String Cheese!

He's ALWAYS my helper in the kitchen.
I love that he wants to be involved, and do it all!

They don't look the prettiest, but we are learning!

10 minutes at 375 degrees, and viola!
A nice warm snack to fill him up before an outdoor skate!

Since we didn't have any on hand, we didn't dunk these...
but next time we make them, 
I think dunking them in some heated marinara sauce would really add to the wow factor of these quick, delish little bites!
Have you tried that?

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Jay Owenhouse - Illusionist...How does he do that?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Our kids are into magic, by way of a good buddy of D's - and a tv show called The Carbonaro Effect.

In an effort to buy less material things, and instead invest in more memory making...
We knew when illusionist Jay Owenhouse was performing right here in our town, 
we simply had to go.

We didn't tell the kids were we were going...
instead, they knew we were going out to dinner and we simply told them it was family date night.

We arrived at the Performing Arts Center, a place we've never been for a show...
& the excitement was through the roof!

Once they had their tickets in hand, they knew they were seeing a magic show of sorts - 
Illusionist, per the actual show...

But little did they know just how cool the show would be.

Jay Owenhouse has his own Bengal Tigers!

My pictures are terrible, but you get the gist.
The whole - no flash thing, not wanting to be busy taking pics and miss anything, thing...you know!

Hanging upside down in a straight jacket, with ropes burning above him, 
with giant jaws of teeth just waiting to chomp him!

The kids were excited, and it was a great family outing for us.

He even made it snow inside!
Though, we could do without that this time of year!

After the show, Jay and his young daughter, also a part of the show, 
(all of his children are)
signed autographs.

It was a true highlight for our kids.

I always, ALWAYS say no, to souvenirs when we attend random events.
I usually tell the kids we'll look online and find it cheaper - and then they forget, and everyone wins.

This time though, because they sold me 2 books for $20 
(just one book was $15.00) 
I said yes.
Take note Disney on Ice! 
Give us a deal, we'll bite!

The kids could not believe it, but I said yes, & they do love their magic coloring books.
The pages need coloring, wait, someone colored all the pages! Say what? BLANK PAGES!

How's they do that?

It's a treasure they'll have for a long time.
One of those super cool 'remember when' moments, and I'm all about that!

Jay showed a video during his performance about his beautiful tigers, and had some signs up as well.
I googled it when I got home, too, because, well, 
I have to know that what I'm supporting and talking about is what it appears.

I was pleased that everything I read online says these animals are well taken care of, 
as it appeared to us by the production & company.

I was fortunate enough to see Sigfried and Roy years ago in Las Vegas, and while Jay Owenhouse is not the same caliber as that show was, this was an amazing experience
 and a super fun time had by our entire family. 

It makes me sad that I won't ever take my kids to a circus - I loved going to the circus as a kid...but I know too much now...

Anyhoo...when there are experiences like this around town to take in...
Who needs anything else?

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*** This is an independent review of a random family fun night out. We paid full price for our tickets, and were not compensated in any way, shape or form for this review. We are just going about our life, our blog, documenting some of the fun we're finding along the way. ***

Mighty Skate at the Xcel Energy Center

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our mighty Mites and their friends and family were lucky enough to secure some ice time at the coolest rink in town - 

The Xcel Energy Center.

They had a blast...but I'm not sure they really realized just how special it was.

The giant empty arena didn't feel all that real to them, I don't think.
It's a heckuva lot different than it is when it's full of 20,000 people watching the Minnesota Wild!

But they had some super fun!

We brought along some friends who hadn't done this before...
but quickly got the hang of it.

Best friends & their boys.

These two, chummin it up in the penalty box.

Herding cats, anyone?

Someday, maybe even soon, the age different between these two might become too much.
But for now, there isn't much sweeter than seeing this.
I guess it's the next best thing to having a sister.
One who goes home to her own house each night?

Even still...
only four of them...
Herding cats, anyone?

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