Hormel Foods - Saving my Sanity! #HormelFamily

Sunday, December 21, 2014

With our family all spread around in different places, everyone's schedule dictating something different and not allowing us to be together when we want and/or need to be - 
I find myself stressing even more about making just the right thing so that the holiday is not just another day.

But it's just the four of us, and I want to relax!
I want to go all out, without going all out!
Who wants to spend the whole day in the kitchen cooking...
For just our family of four!?!

Enter in...

Did you know, Hormel Foods offers Side Dishes?

We always joke about waiting on the potatoes around here, whenever a meal is almost ready...
We're always waitin' on the potatoes!

Well, wait no more!

While not something I normally take the easy way out with - 
this was so nice to have, to be able to whip together a whole meal quickly and easily, this time!

What were we serving our potatoes with?
Our FAVORITE...fool proof...

Oven Ready Turkey Breast!

Many Many Moons ago, we attempted the whole domestic process of buying a turkey and trying to prepare it just so...it didn't take too long of THAT nonsense, before we realized that there was something so amazing, so delish...so didn't involve storing a fresh turkey in the fridge or thawing out a big ol turkey and trying to get the giblets and whatever else shouldn't be inside

that there really was no need to ever go back!

From the freezer...right to your oven?

While you can get a whole turkey...we prefer to get only the the bird that will get eaten in our house...

And because we like leftovers, and because our seven year old eats like a seventeen year old...
We got two for this year's Turkey Day dinner!

Turns out I didn't have two regular sized cake pans - 
but they still cooked up these little beauties just right!

And remember how I said I needed to keep things easy and simple?
Well, the amazing freezer to oven turkey breast even comes with a gravy packet!

Do you hear those angels singing?

Add water, heat on the stove top, and viola!

The turkey cooks up better than we could hope for - 
Moist and tender - 

And none of it goes to waste - 
There's no skin, no fat, no dark meat...
All stuff that gets overlooked in this house...

We put enough stress on ourselves trying to get it all done during the busy season of the holidays - 
Why not let Hormel Foods help you out and take some of the burden out of the meal planning?
We do, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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Build a Bear Workshop - Mall of America Birthday Treat!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

We've successfully avoided this place...for the last 9 years, until now!

oh sure, we've been in...we've window shopped, we've watched others 

But until now...
We've never had our very own turn!

With a gift card in tow from Grandma, she couldn't of been more excited!

A Monday night visit meant we had the place all to ourselves!

Hails selected her very special bear, 
and go to work - 

The whole process was pretty quick and painless ~ 

And the finished product?
Officer Beary?

How adorable is this?

I don't know why we never went there before, but it was a perfect gift
 and first experience for our girl.

She will treasure this always.

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Bentleyville USA Family Fun!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

We headed up to Duluth to celebrate a special first birthday, and it just so happened to also be the Grand Opening Night of Bentleyville, USA!

With temps in the 30's...how could we not go to this amazing tour of lights!
It was so pretty!

And perhaps, a new family tradition was born?

We brought along a donation of non-perishable food items, 
and then stepped inside of Bentleyville, USA, which, amazingly, is free to the public!

Complimentary cookies & hot chocolate (WHAT! more FREE FAMILY FUN!) were passed out to everyone who wanted some...
and we started along the journey.

There were so many neat light up displays...

Like this one that reminded us of great friends - 

Santa & Mrs. Claus parachuted in, though we missed that part.
Mrs. Claus did tell the kids all about it.

But even with those cool stories, someone was a little skeptical of her.

In addition to getting to meet Mr. & Mrs. Claus - 
There are also other cool stops along the way - 

Including the Marshmallow Hut!

FREE marshmallows and sticks for roasting over one of the many fire pits that were going?
That's amazing!

Ah, a bonfire on a crisp winter night.

We all enjoyed walking through the various light displays.

Bentleyville, USA ~ Definitely worth the trip!

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