Gordmans - Our happy place...& a Gift Card Giveaway!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Always on the look out for a great deal, we have certain places that are our go to spots when we need or want certain things. 

The first stop?


There are just so very many cool things, affordable, gorgeous things!! in this store!

Like vases in every color, shape and size...

And the most amazing artwork for your walls!

It's pretty cool what a little art will do for your space!
It completely transforms it.
And, if done right, can be an easy, inexpensive way to make over a space!

One of my all time favorite kids' room/playroom signs?

You Are My Sunshine.

Love love LOOOVE this one!
And $12.99?
Yes please!

Tack on one of those awesome 20% coupons floating around...which you can print off at the bottom of this blog post...and how can you go wrong?

Lookit the size of this one!!!
Is my 8 year old too old for me to put this in his room???
I just love this canvas print!

Hails is loving the benches for the end of her bed - but we haven't decided on one yet.
Turning her room from a mostly blank canvas into a room just perfect for her should be easy, with all of the choices available to us from Gordmans - but that same situation causes a problem.


If you come around here ever, or know us in real life - you know that we finally, after 13 years of living with the old rotten one, replaced the deck on our house.

What does that have to do with Gordmans, you might ask?

Well, I pinned something some months back, and when I saw these stars...
I knew they'd be perfect!

But what color, and what size?
With the new siding on our house - I think the reddish stars were MADE for this!

I'm a little nervous about hanging these guys up on the new siding, (will this hook hold???)

 I know that it's going to really make the space and give us a great look on the new outdoor gathering space! It's too cold out to put it all together right now, but I know that spring is just around the corner...
Come back and find out how it looks!

What do you love about your local Gordmans?
The discount ...

Greatest. Lamp. Ever!
I need a place to put this!!

Click on the picture below and print yourself off a coupon or two, and get shopping!
And how would you like a little gift card to take along too?

One lucky winner will get that chance!
Toss your name in the Rafflecopter Hat below the coupon!

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It's the Appiest Time of Year - A Hormel Foods Twitter Contest!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


~ New Year's Eve and New Year's Day Celebrations ~
~ Golden Globe Viewing Parties ~

It truly is, the Appiest time of Year!

A great place to find inspiration for your next get together, is the 

With over 1400 pins and counting, you are sure to find a big hit for your next gathering!

And...if you like to mix things up a little bit, and get creative ~

HORMEL® Foods  is hosting a

An appetizer recipe contest on Twitter.  

Share your favorite big game appetizer recipe mentioning @HormelFoods between now and January 26th for your chance to win the perfect big game prize pack! 

 Some of my favorite apps I've discovered?

Canadian Bacon Bruschetta

Do you have a favorite go to Appetizer Recipe?

I'd love to hear what it is!

Maybe it's worth sharing via Twitter @HormelFoods!

Share your favorite big game appetizer recipe mentioning @HormelFoods between now and January 26th for your chance to win the perfect big game prize pack! 

*** This is not a compensated blog post. As a Hormel Foods Extended Family Blogger, I am occasionally given coupons for Hormel products or complimentary products themselves in order to facilitate a blog post. ***

Custom HeadBands from Tranquil Force - A Give Away!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Girls around here love themselves some headbands, 
and one of us got herself a couple of  custom headbands made by the awesome (local!) folks at 

A little about Tranquil Force.  We are a locally owned and operated company out of Apple Valley, MN.  It started with a girl and a sewing machine.  It has grown to 4 employees and headbands in different yoga studios (around the US), school fundraisers and local businesses.  We have recently expanded to add scarves and embroidered headbands.  We also have awesome logo gear.  And we will be adding a running waistband.

Don't you love this?

My girl doesn't play hockey, but her brother does -
 so it's fun to have a little gear for her to wear too!

She DOES have her own custom Volleyball Headband for her sport, too!

I think if we were to do this one over again - we'd ask for the printed name to be in a different color...
Something bright and vibrant, maybe a hot pink on the green, so it shows up better on the volleyball?
Or maybe a bright yellow softball on a blue headband for her softball team?
She loves this one we had made for her, & I do too, 
I just think we could make it stand out more.


We didn't get #'s sewn on, because every season, every sport, our kiddos get stuck with a different number - and we want to be able to wear these all the time - though I do love the looks of the ones I've seen Tranquil Force do with player #'s on them!

Anyhoo - Tranquil force has tons of options available, and not just headbands...
Infinity Scarves, Running Roo's, Keychains!
If you need something custom made, LOCALLY, these are your gals!

And, these gals would like to give away a couple of patterned headbands to one lucky reader!
***Patterns will vary, and were chosen by the brains behind Tranquil Force. ***

To enter, simply toss your name in the Rafflecopter Hat below!

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*** We were given complimentary headbands in order to facilitate this review and give away. We were not compensated for this blog post. ***

Eden Prairie, MN Ice Castles!

Baby, it's COOOLD outside!

Sooo cold, last week, in fact, that kids all across the state were ordered to stay home from school because of the plummeting temps!

Negative 41 degrees wind chill at 9:30am?

We can't hibernate all winter long though,
here in Minnesota, we have to embrace the cold!

One way to do that, is with the

Eden Prairie Minnesota, Ice Castles! 

They were finally able to open this weekend, after delays from various weather conditions over the past couple of weeks...
Our family is planning on going next weekend ~ 

We've been trying to find a good time to get there when we can see the Ice Princess, Fire Performances, test out the ice slide, do some ice skating....

We are soooo excited to take in this exhibit!
Are you going?
Tickets can be purchased online here
and...great news...

We've got four tickets to give away to Eden Prairie Ice Castles!

If you would like to be entered in the drawing for four tickets to the Ice Castles in Eden Prairie, Minnesota - enter the Rafflecopter Give Away Below!

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*** This is not a compensated blog post. Our family was given complimentary tickets to Ice Castles, MN in exchange for sharing this give away with readers. ***


Wednesday, January 7, 2015


For years, our kiddos have asked why there is no Elf on a Shelf in our house...
they love hearing stories from their friends...

CUUTE idea - 
But who wants all that work? 
There are so very many adorable, funny, inappropriate places that people's Elves on Shelves end up in, and I really enjoy seeing some of the pictures posted to various social media outlets during the holiday season...

But what if you forget?
What if you are tired and ornery from doing all the things all the time?

Our kids have known that if you don't believe, you won't receive, for quite some time now -
So...we adopted ***Buddy*** named by the kids, and welcomed into our home, under the premise that sometimes, Buddy would be just as tired as the rest of us, and would be hanging out in one location from time to time.

~ it seemed like an easy tradition to bring home ~ 

I think Buddy enjoyed his first Christmas Season with us, and we look forward to keeping this tradition up with our kiddos, and them with theirs.
Next season, we plan to add a female companion...so the kids will each have one to bring to their homes when they are older!

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New Year's Eve Selfies!

Friday, January 2, 2015

I was exhausted, aren't we all? 
But the kids talked me into staying at the neighborhood party until after midnight...
And we said goodbye to 2014 & kicked off 2015 with the first of what I am sure, 
will be many many family selfies!

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The family that plays together...

Thursday, January 1, 2015

We spend some recent down time as family, celebrating EIGHT!

Something fun to do on a coooold winter day...

We've all bowled before, and can you go wrong with bowling as an activity?
Perhaps you can...I'm not as good as I remember being!

That's ok though - because we were celebrating the Champ...
And he had a pretty remarkable day!
Happy Birthday Derek!

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Hormel Foods - Saving my Sanity! #HormelFamily

Sunday, December 21, 2014

With our family all spread around in different places, everyone's schedule dictating something different and not allowing us to be together when we want and/or need to be - 
I find myself stressing even more about making just the right thing so that the holiday is not just another day.

But it's just the four of us, and I want to relax!
I want to go all out, without going all out!
Who wants to spend the whole day in the kitchen cooking...
For just our family of four!?!

Enter in...

Did you know, Hormel Foods offers Side Dishes?

We always joke about waiting on the potatoes around here, whenever a meal is almost ready...
We're always waitin' on the potatoes!

Well, wait no more!

While not something I normally take the easy way out with - 
this was so nice to have, to be able to whip together a whole meal quickly and easily, this time!

What were we serving our potatoes with?
Our FAVORITE...fool proof...

Oven Ready Turkey Breast!

Many Many Moons ago, we attempted the whole domestic process of buying a turkey and trying to prepare it just so...it didn't take too long of THAT nonsense, before we realized that there was something so amazing, so delish...so didn't involve storing a fresh turkey in the fridge or thawing out a big ol turkey and trying to get the giblets and whatever else shouldn't be inside

that there really was no need to ever go back!

From the freezer...right to your oven?

While you can get a whole turkey...we prefer to get only the the bird that will get eaten in our house...

And because we like leftovers, and because our seven year old eats like a seventeen year old...
We got two for this year's Turkey Day dinner!

Turns out I didn't have two regular sized cake pans - 
but they still cooked up these little beauties just right!

And remember how I said I needed to keep things easy and simple?
Well, the amazing freezer to oven turkey breast even comes with a gravy packet!

Do you hear those angels singing?

Add water, heat on the stove top, and viola!

The turkey cooks up better than we could hope for - 
Moist and tender - 

And none of it goes to waste - 
There's no skin, no fat, no dark meat...
All stuff that gets overlooked in this house...

We put enough stress on ourselves trying to get it all done during the busy season of the holidays - 
Why not let Hormel Foods help you out and take some of the burden out of the meal planning?
We do, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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