Turtle Time!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We live near a decent sized pond, a sort of nature preserve...

And so far this season, we've seen far too many things in nature that didn't survive the circle of life.

So when I stumbled upon this teeny tiny guy near my car one day, 
I knew we had to take him home...at least for a bit.

Look at the size of him compared to a dime!

The kids were afraid to hold her, but I wanted to put something out there for comparison sake.
Enter, the ruler!

Painted turtles are just so cute!

She's been eating some earthworms and small pieces of apples...
We've kept her far longer than I planned...
but soon she'll head to the pond to live happily ever after...
at least that's our hope!

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#shareacoke Family Fun Day!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Imagine our surprise when on a recent trip to Valley Fair, 
we were able to put our very own names on Coke Cans for their #shareacoke campaign!

One of us sees his name on coke cans from time to time, 
and one of us has seen his nickname on coke cans quite a bit...
but to have our very own!

Well, that was something! 

Because it was also the week of our 11 year wedding anniversary, 
I put just the two of us together...


Family Fun Day
Family Selfies aren't so easy when you are each holding 2 cans of soda!
Friends, when you see people taking family photos like this, offer to snap one or two for them!
I do it all the time, it'll make their day, I promise!

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Play Ball!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

They aren't on the same team this year, but they are still teammates.
Partners in Crime!

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Clearwater Marine Aquarium - Winter & Hope

Sunday, May 3, 2015

On our family trip to Florida, we didn't plan on stopping by Clearwater Marine Aquarium.


We were right there, one day, but so was everyone else within a 100 mile radius, 
and we just weren't sure it was worth the cost.
Cue up Minnesota's first snowstorm of the season and several canceled flights, 
and we found ourselves with an extra (beautiful!) day, 
and much less crowd to deal with on a Monday morning!
Clearwater Marine Aquarium!

Right when you walk through the doors with your tickets...
They ask you to stand against the green screen in a wide variety of poses...

You know what's coming next...
You are supposed to buy the CD with the images on it.

I snapped this on the tv monitor before being yelled at by a not-so-friendly associate.

Apparently, you can't take pictures of the screen.

After that, I wasn't interested in the disc of memories! HA!

There were some pretty cool animals at the (very tiny, for what we had been expecting) aquarium.

Including this sea turtle with a hump back shell.
He was hit by a boat propeller, and the hump prevents him from NOT floating! 



Of course, the star of the show - who EVERYONE goes to see...


Is little Winter herself!

It's pretty amazing, that a dolphin can have a prosthetic tail!

And I've always thought this would be an incredible job to have!
We don't get much exposure to this sort of thing, up here in the Frozen Tundra though!





My hubs got these GREAT pictures of Winter and Hope - 

I couldn't see over the people...


It was an amazing last day of vacation, enjoying the sun and the warmth, especially knowing what they were dealing with back home in Minnesota!

They were pretty much done with pics...but obliged their Mama all the same.
Shoot, it's not every day you are on a movie set, now is it?

Yes, it was worth the stop, for us, this time.
They are hoping to build a new facility, so perhaps we'll go back then.

I wonder if Nicholas the Dolphin will still be as nosy?
One of the associates told us to hold a piece of paper up to the glass and watch what happened - sure enough - Nicholas couldn't contain himself and scurried right over to see what we had.

It was a long, action packed day.
Clearwater Marine Aquarium....Tampa to Atlanta to Chicago to MSP by way of canceled and rebooked flights here and there.

Our travlerers were weary, but we can't wait to hit our next adventure!

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