Coming out of the Stone Ages

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

So for the past several months Rob and I have been writing in journals for the kids, jotting down events that happen during the days, nights, weekends that the traditional baby book just doesn't cover. Funny things they did or said, etc. One day Rob suggested that we stick some photos in the journal to go along with our ramblings. Great idea I thought. So as I'm sitting there writing in those things like people did in 1984 it occurs to me that I could be blogging and doing the exact same thing, including uploading pictures - in probably a quarter of the time it's taking me to write things down. So, here goes - I'm finally going to join the masses and begin blogging. At least I think I am. We'll see how it goes. I know for sure I don't have much exciting to blog about. I read friends' blogs and am amazed at all they see and do each day. For now I must live vicariously though them as I am content to live this life I have created for myself. Suburbia. A husband. A daughter. A son. A dog. It really doesn't get much better than this!!
I do feel truly blessed and there is a lot I am thankful for. This morning after dropping the kids off at daycare (which is our regular provider in a new house causing us to drive an additional 40 miles each day) I was annoyed at the traffic while driving to work. Heading east the sun was coming up in the most glorious of sunrises. Pink hues scattered across the horizon. Very pretty I thought. As I was searching for something to listen to on the radio I found myself listening to a rendition of Amazing Grace. A song that reminds me of my Dad each and every time I hear it. The sunset. The song. It was my dad telling me to slow down, enjoy the day and be thankful for all that I have. DG


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