Keeping up with the Gusts'

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ah, where does the time go? And why do I find myself asking that question over and over and over again? We've been running around doing a little of this, a little of that. Since I last wrote we visited Curious George and Sesame Street at the Children's Museum.

It was a lot of fun but would probably be much more fun on a non-weekend - non-Target Free Sunday! We picked that day because we'd never been and we wanted to see (for free) what we'd be spending $24.00 for our family to visit on a regular day. Now that we've been there - we know what to expect, etc etc. Wish me luck in November when a family membership years' pass to the Children's Museum is on sale for only $40.00 -(regularly $80.00). A local radio station is putting 20 of them up for sale...I am going to try to get one!! Going just twice it will more than pay for itself...and next time we'll go on a weekday afternoon when the other cheapskates are at home!!

We went to the pumpkin patch (and then over to Cal's Market) and picked out some pumpkins for Halloweener. Hailey enjoyed the popcorn most of all. That was the highlight out of the hundreds of pumpkins, the petting zoo and the corn maze. She was just all about the popcorn.

What have Rob and I been doing for fun? Well, we've been getting estimates on a new heating and cooling system for this delightful house we live in ~ let me tell you how fun "interviewing" companies to take our money is!! Grrr - Because we don't NEED one - that might just be put back out on the back burner until further notice - we have the gas fireplace now if something should happen and we need heat!! This week Hailey and I played hookey from work/daycare one day to hang out together. She had a fever of 101.9 which broke by 9:30 am so we were able to chill out and have some fun - only she spent the first few hours asking where her Daddy and her Buddy were. She looked all over the house for them - even going downstairs to check as she didn't believe me that they weren't here. I didn't have the heart to tell her Derek was at Lisa's without her. It was her friend Avery's 3rd birthday party at daycare that day and she is STILL talking about the birthday party. She doesn't even know she missed it!! When Hailey wasn't looking for her brother or her Dad she was asking me to watch a hockey game. Of all the cable channels we have - I couldn't find one daytime hockey game on! We may have created a monster! Tonight - Saturday night - when most of our friends are out at Halloween parties, Rob and I had our neighbor Denny over to help snake out the drain in the laundry room - turns out the spaghetti dinner I made and put down the garbage disposal afterwards decided to clog up the drain and spew over into our laundry room. Yuck. What a mess. Thank God for great neighbors. Were it not for them, we would have moved out of this house a year after we moved in! Denny bailed us out of yet another jam and thankfully - probably saved us a few hundred dollars in calling a plumber! Ah, Saturday night in Suburbia!! Yep, never seems to be a dull moment around here. Most nights it's all I can do to drag myself into the shower and to bed before midnight just so I can beat Derek up by 5 am!! Anyway - it's been fun - busy, but fun. I have to keep reminding myself to enjoy this time because soon it's not going to be this crazy busy because our kids are going to have lives of their own. Then what will I do? Sleep?? No, probably not - I like to take on as much as possible - tackle some house projects, scrapbook, garden, play bingo out at Mystic Lake?? Ah, the possibililties.

For now, I look forward to the next Saturday night - as it just can't get much crazier than this!!


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