Happy Merry New Birthday Year

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wow - What a whirlwind the last couple of weeks have been. Christmas, a first Birthday and New Years all rolled into such a short time...yikes!! We had a fabulous Christmas, spending Christmas Eve in Rochester and Christmas Day here at home. Grandma Betty came and spent a couple of days with us - thankfully missing the multiple snow storms we received in between her travels. There were tons of presents and tons of great food. After the holidays we got ready for Derek's big first birthday which was the 29th - again, more food, more great friends and family and MORE presents! I am convinced we could open a small toy store now. Sure doesn't help matters that my favorite retailers have many many toys marked down to next to nothing! Santa is already stuffing stockings for 2008's Holiday Season! Sheesh! I was JUST SAYING to Rob how we are going to have to make deposits into our kids' savings accounts versus buying them anything (ever again!!) and then I see the Loving Family Accessories over 50% off at Walmart - well, since Hailey LOVES her Loving Family Dollhouse from Santa I just HAD to tell Santa about the sale! Especially since Hailey tries to shove the family members into Buddy's Hum V he got from Grandma Gladys! New Year's Eve was spent at the neighbor's house for their annual NYE party. Derek made it til about 11:15 - the little miss made it to toast in the New Year! Myself I was ready for bed about 8 pm! Crazy. That's how I sum it all up! It was a whirlwind couple of weeks and I am again reminded at how lucky and how very blessed we are. I hope the season finds you and yours counting your blessings as well. To an even better 2008.


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