It's the little things that count...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Daddy (not sleeping) but taking time out to revel in the little things - cuddling with the greatest joys our hearts have ever known ~

I made some decisions today. It's something I do every day...but today I have made very important decisions. Life altering decisions. All morning I've been thinking about the fact that Little Miss H. went to daycare wearing the exact same long sleeved t and sweatshirt that she wore yesterday, (and slept in last night.) She was in no mood to take it off last night and certainly not this morning at 6 am. My hubby asked if we were going to try and change her before taking her to Lisa's - "No", I said, "it's fine". She hasn't been feeling that well this week - stuffy/runny nose, chest congestion and last night complaining of her ear and tummy hurting...something she has rarely if ever done.
If she wants to wear the same clothes as yesterday - who cares? Certainly not me. (Not anymore) I've been a little bit sad lately thinking of all of the crappy things that are going on around us. The fact of the matter is, life is too short and it most certainly isn't guaranteed. From now on I'm going to let Miss H. make a few more decisions on her own (within reason of course.) If she wants to wear that same shirt again tomorrow - provided it's still relatively clean - so be it. So the Shrek figures are mixed in with the Little People and the Little People are in the Loving Family house - oh well. If the kids want to lay in bed with Rob and I and watch "Hocapontas" just "one more time" then we will. They are only this little once and the time is flying by much much much too quickly. Where have my babies gone?? I have always tried to live my life with no regrets and now more than ever, with two little souls depending on me - it is just so important to have fun, to enjoy the little things. Each and every moment of each and every day.
Not only is the sun shining today but we have each other. That's far more than we need to survive.


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