Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

today marks 4 years - four GLORIOUS years - that I have been married to my husband! Happy Anniversary to us!
I actually had to convince him that this was our FOUR year anniversary - not our THREE year anniversary! We have a little girl who will be three this fall who was not with us on our wedding day - in utero or otherwise!! (Though a baby was on my mind at the time but not his!!) Apparently time is flying by a lot quicker than he thinks it is! ~

I feel truly blessed that this guy who moved into our house in Edina as a complete stranger eight and a half years ago chose me to be his wife - I know I can be a real witch to live with ON OCCASSION and I'm thankful he puts up with me...Life would not be half of what it is, not nearly as enjoyable for me - if I didn't have him to share it with. Here's to 4 more glorious years, and four more after that, and four more after that - (yes, all with this same wonderful hubby-o-mine!) I love you Rob!


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