Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So this past weekend a very lucky couple in MN won the state's largest powerball jackpot of 180 million dollars...no, it wasn't us...unfortunately...but today is one of those days where I do sort of feel like I won the lottery (again - I feel like that every once in awhile!!) True, it's not 180 million dollars but it is the Melsa Museum Adventure Pass valued at $28.00 - that's like winning the lottery for me!! (and I didn't even have to knock anyone over or shoot any dirty looks this time!) With gas prices as high as they are (today they are 3.65 a gallon here! OUCH) How much do YOU have to work to pay for your gas? It is nice to have things to do close to home that are afforable so...dolphin show it is! We certainly enjoyed ourselves watching the dolphins a few weeks ago and will this time too I'm sure.
I had big plans for this summer which included numerous mini vacations to Mackinaw, the Dells,and "home" to NoDak, but with the high price of gas...suddenly investing in one of these monstrosities for our yard doesn't seem like such a bad idea!!


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