Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Now it's almost funny! Gas prices at 4.09 a gallon here? I mean, seriously. Come on! Wasn't all that long ago I was choking on 3.45 a gallon! Glad we got that Mustang at 25 mpg than a new SUV with only 15! Now the hubby can drive the shiny new car while I drive the shiny old car and the trailblazer acts as a playhouse for the children on the driveway! HA!
(yes, people - I know kids aren't supposed to play in cars!)

Speaking of the children - at 4.09 a gallon - it brings us back to the daycare question - do we continue to drive the kids down to Prior Lake four days a week to a provider we know and love, or do we take the gamble and find a new provider closer to home knocking off 40 miles a day of daycare commute? Seems like an easy answer to that question - but it's not. And I think I might throw up!


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