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Thursday, June 12, 2008

(she says waving her hand frantically in the air like a child waiting to be chosen for the kickball team!)

There have been lots of questions from folks asking me how the "scouting" went this past Tuesday for the Bathroom Makeover for the DIY Network. Well...it's been said before that waiting is the hardest part...and it is! As much as I'd LOVE to say we've been chosen for "Bathtastic" we have not yet heard, and supposedly won't for a week or two. We were told by the very very nice gal who scouted us out that we would hear one way or the other so I do so hope we hear something soon -

I sit here wondering wondering wondering. It was a very low key, uneventful process really. Our scouting gal could not been nicer, she came in, video taped our charming bathroom(s) and a little bit of our home and then "interviewed" the hubby and I on tape. Whole process maybe took 20-25 minutes...Were we charming? Most likely not - it was quite nerve racking...even though this footage is not for actual TV show purposes...and I know the hubby wasn't thrilled with the idea so I tried to do most of the talking - as I typically do anyway! He's the more charismatic one - but I didn't want him to be annoyed with me so I tried to make it as painless as possible for him.

The gal DID mention that if we are not selected for this show there is the possibility of being chosen for another show as they currently have five in the works right now - she asked us what else we'd like to see done to our house, etc etc.
oh, how long my list is...if only she knew! I just need the design/contractor/financial help being on one of these shows would provide!
for now I wait. and wait. and wait.

good thing the sun is shining and we have a billion other things going on to keep my mind off of the waiting part!


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