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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My husband the snake wrangler. Seriously. The guy deserves a medal of some sort. Wait, he finally got his Mustang - so that might be good enough - oh how he earned that damn car tonight let me tell you! So husband is mowing the lawn and I'm doing this and doing that - trying to build the world's most beautiful lawn/landscaping on zero budget and zero knowledge/expertise/time/energy/etc. So I am up near the shed and decide to move this piece of plywood that's lying on the ground and low and behold - a S N A K E! Well, I drop the plywood and take off running down the hill, screaming my head off! The kids start following me and Rob looks up at me (apparently I shriek louder than the lawn mower) and after a brief second he realized just exactly what was the matter. (I'm sure his first thoughts were the children but after seeing they were ok - he just KNEW!) ok, ok, we've been through this a time or two before...I can't help it - I HATE those things! The great man that he is, he took a shovel from the shed and rid us of that snake. The fourth one this "season" mind you! Our neighbor Denny got one out of our rose bushes last weekend (and I promise you this isn't the same one!) and our other neighbor Dustin disposed of one a week or so before that...
*sigh* Yes, I know these ones can't hurt me but they are just so creepy!! I honest to God can't help myself I just start shreiking and screaming and running for my life! And if I said I almost wet my pants, I'd be lying. After all, I did have two babies in less than fifteen months!!

AND PS - that must be a HUGE shovel because it was a HUGE snake but it doesn't really look so huge on that shovel when I look at it now...guess who's having nightmares tonight?


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