The (FREE) Fun Never Ends!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our Fourth of July Weekend kicked off with a free outing in Apple Valley - When we arrived - a helicopter was circling overhead...and low and behold - it landed in the ball field and the kids were able to hop inside and check it out - D was glad to - H not a chance she was going near that thing!!

After checking out the 'copter we were able to tour a ladder truck - both kids equally thrilled - (they really were - you just can't see it!)

After the firetruck and firemen we met Officer Mike of the Apple Valley Police Dept who gave the kids Junior Badges...then we were off to a puppet show, petting zoo, free ice cream, face (and in D's case hand) painting...and much much more!

But the most exciting part of all - We met Ronald McDonald!! (kudos to my husband for humoring me while I help our family take advantage of all (of the free stuff) the Twin Cities has to offer us!)


Anonymous said...

Those firetruck shots are adorable!

Unknown said...

OMG Darcie! Look how gorgeous your family is!!!

K in the N

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