Life in the Fast Lane -

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sure to make you lose your mind - Life in the fast lane...

Ever wonder what it might be like to fly backwards across the freeway at 70 mph with cars coming atcha? You can now ask my husband - he knows! Yesterday morning started off like any other...Left the house by 6:25 am, me off to daycare to drop off the kidlets, the hubby headed the opposite direction to work. 15 Minutes later my phone was ringing - "I was in a wicked accident on 35E - I'm ok, I gotta go." "WHAT? You were IN an accident?" "Someone merged into me, I gotta go"

So...for the next 30 minutes I waited for my phone to ring, creeping along in traffic not knowing WHAT I was going to encounter up ahead...My mind was racing as traffic was backed up FOREVER where it is normally pretty free flowing at that time of day...

Sure enough - there's my man, standing on the side of the road talking to a state trooper - Whew - no ambulances or other emergency vehicles...I honked so he knew I passed him - for some reason he seems to think that was dumb...he told the trooper sheepishly - "That's my wife..." Well shoot - he's lucky I didn't stop my truck and get out right there too! I had no idea what I was going to see when I got there...I was worried sick about my I was waiting to get up to where he was I was plotting all sorts of things in my head...Where will I pull over? He said he's ok but is he going to be in an ambulance anyway? Is he bleeding? Did he hit his head?
Nope...none of that...looked like they didn't "need me!" HA!

I headed up the road a couple of miles to my office and patiently (or not) waited for the details...

He came by a half hour later to show me the damage...not bad considering what happened - a car merged into his lane, sending him onto the shoulder of the road where he lost control of his car and spun out back into the middle of the freeway where he was struck by the same car that had caused him to go off the road in the first place!! (We are thanking our lucky stars it was another small car and not a semi that struck him!) This impact sent him into the center grassy median where he sat and waited for the Highway Helper to assist in getting him out and off to the "safe side" of the road!

For all of the events that transpired - he was EXTREMELY lucky...and the damage to the car is minimal though no official estimates are in yet...When you think of all that could have happened...had he been hit by a larger vehicle, had he rolled, had the kids been with him, etc etc etc


Now, it's just to sort out the details...the cost of repairs...who foots the bill...

Bottom line is...Thank your lucky stars...Give that someone special a little extra squeeze today...and tell your loved ones they are - before it's too late!


Chris said...

Glad he is OK. What a scary phone call that must have been.

Thank you for the Baby Joe advice. I am not a 'cry it out' parent and neither is my husband, so we have pulled him into bed with us a couple of times. Last night he was in his crib all night, woke up once at 1030 and then at 0330, but went back to sleep fairly easily. Best night sleep I have had in what seems like forever.

As far as Ryan cooking you dinner, let him know when and where. He seriously loves to cook.

Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yikes, yikes, yikes! I'm so glad he's ok.

Thank you so much for thinking of us and posting a note - it meant a lot to me. Surgery went well, Zoe seems well on the way to recovery.

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