Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween on a Friday night...and nice weather in Minnesota!! Does it get any better than this...? I don't really think so!
And a damn good thing because this year I bought nice fluffy WARM costumes for the kids so we didn't have to try and fit them OVER a snowsuit...The little miss helped me pic out an ADORABLE pink Care Bear costume...and then...refused to wear it. She insisted on being a fairy - in her costume from 2 years ago...yes, it still fit (because 2 years ago we DID have to put it on over her warm clothes)
~ so last minute I had to grab some tights and sleeves out of her closet to make it somewhat warm enough...Stubborn as she was...she made a stinkin' cute fairy!

I LOOOVE the look on her face - I wonder where she's seen that look before? Bosco was in some SERIOUS trouble before all of the festivities began...but I'm not really sure why...

Little brother on the other hand...not buying into the fluffy warm costume so much -

But once he figured out he could get outside...and what would go into the bucket...he was a bit more willing to go along with us...

I'm not sure I've ever seen a cuter little bumblebee than big E - They came over to celebrate his first Halloweener with us at the neighborhood bonfire ~

Bosco wanted to make sure Scooby was A-Ok...

I tried awfully hard to get a group pic of the little ones in the neighborhood...

Someone was always not looking!!

These two had the most fun of all the kids - D. yelling GO GO GO!
D is 2.5 months older than the sticky chicken (he'd open a sucker and then promptly lose it - and we'd find it stuck to his costume somewhere!!)

My fairy princess came inside, took of her gloves and shoes and promptly passed out cold...

Poor Scooby didn't even make it inside the house - he passed out in my arms at the bonfire...
It was sure fun trying to keep him sleeping but getting him out of that costume!!


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