Weekend Chores...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Who knew that lawn mowers had air filters?? Certainly not us...Good thing my husband figured it out after 7 years of using the same one!!

Cuz one of Big D's favorite things to do is help Daddy mow the lawn...and that's something I hope will continue because as he gets older...for all the mornings he's woken me up nice and early - he will be getting up nice and early to do just this!!

Yep, it was a beautiful fall day for getting some things done around the yard - you know, give the dog a bath after he rolled on crusty old snakeskins in the shrubs...If only you could smell through the computer...ugh...no pictures of THAT (this time anyway!)

We also raked up a few leaves and then played in them...

Which got me reminiscing about last fall when we were doing the very same thing...only D wasn't pushing a lawn mower then...it really is true how quickly the time does fly!
When I look back...these pics were taken exactly one year ago!!


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