Friday Fun!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

We started Friday off with a visit to the doctors office...Check ups for Daddy and H ~ I am pleased to report that even though she eats less than the birds in our front yard feeder...she has managed to gain 3 pounds over the last year...After glowing reviews at the doctors office - and shots for everyone (except for me) without so much as a single tear (3 for Daddy, 2 for H and 1 for D) ...we headed over to the Children's Museum to burn off some steam...

It's always a good time and they had a cool new ball exhibit that was any little boy's (and girl's for that matter!) dream!!

The kids both FINALLY crawled inside the turtle shell ~ we've been here soo many times and they would never crawl in!

Sure is a nice place to hang out (the Museum not the turtle shells!!) when the cooler months are upon us!!


Amelia Sprout said...

So glad to hear that she gained weight and that the museum was fun.

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