Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So the long awaited *Date Night* finally arrived - The hubs and I got tickets to WICKED about a year ago through the office (still have to pay - just typically better seats and no crummy ticketmaster fees). The day couldn't have come fast enough for H as on the way to daycare she said to me - "Mommy, it IS nighttime! See? It's dark outside - we need to go to Tammy's NOW, not Lisa's!!" She just couldn't get to Tammy's fast enough - "Are you ready yet? You need five more minutes? Let's go!"
Oh the agony - I tried to make the family sit for a photo before we left...everyone, including the dog...like how he was following my command to "sit" only with his back to the camera and my automatic timer? How the hell am I supposed to get a Christmas Card picture this year? JEEZ!

Anyway - The kids had SUCH a good time at Tammy's that they stayed up playing til after we got home to pick them up! EEK!
Oh well...I'd rather have them up and having fun then yelling at the sitter cuz they didn't want to be there or didn't want to go to bed...and I know they can't wait to go back!! It's all I've been hearing about...going back there and playing with those "baby Barbies!"
WICKED was fun...Not our most favorite Broadway show we've seen - but fun to see what the hype was all about -

We did enjoy the show and had a great time being out...I almost got sidetracked and stuck at the bar before we even made it to the show - enjoying a nice cold beer and a piping hot appetizer, (I'd forgotten how enjoyable that is!!) I stopped off in the restroom...What woman doesn't want to see THIS when she is out in a public restroom! AWESOME!! I might install this system at our house!!


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