Santa Claus is Coming to Town!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

We're getting pretty excited over here about this Santa Claus guy - All the girl wants is "Baby Barbies like Tammy has and Band aids." Ask her 100 times and 100 times you'll get the same answer - "Baby Barbies and Band Aids." She's obsessed with character band aids and will wake up in the middle of the night asking for them - it's pretty cute (the band aid thing not the waking up in the middle of the night asking for them!)- and a reasonably priced obsession I suppose! Plus, it's nice to see her sharing them with her friends and family.

The Barbie Babies on the other hand - those...those are not such as easy wish to grant. As my friend Kate pointed out - we now have a vintage toy collector among us. You see - H was asking for Baby Barbies "like Tammy has" - turns out these Baby Barbies are from 1988! oy! I looked and I looked all around town - oh, the marvelous things that Barbie has these days! When at Toys r Us I saw the Barbie Dream know the one - the one we ALL wanted as kids - but never got...
*sigh* It's still out there...probably cuz no one could afford it back in the day!!

I tried to sell her on Barbie Toddlers, Barbie cars and everything else under the no avail.

While she does love the Disney Barbie Princess collection and has been asking for that a few times when we've been strolling through Target -
I'm just not sure how I feel about spending $50.00 on a set of Barbies that may or may not remain in their respective princess costumes by Christmas morning...
though she has tried to sweet talk Daddy into getting them for her on more than one occassion already...

So back to the infamous Baby Barbies...I checked Ebay and Craiglist and Ebay again...and then, one evening...


About an hour before the auction was to end...there they were - the vintage toys our child has been asking for over and over and over again -

Thankfully, they didn't cost me an entire arm or an entire leg...but vintage toys they are! Come Christmas H will become a vintage toy collector!! I hope she loves them!! They sure came with a lot of extra *stuff* to get the two baby barbies she's been longing after!!

Supposedly there are three of these fancy babies...I could only find two it is...(they have velcro around their blankets so they stick to Barbie's clothes like she is holding them...What H might not know is that she'll actually have to leave the clothes ON the Barbies to make these work correctly!!)

And the rest of this stuff is icing on the cake if you will!!

Yep, I'm thinking Santa is going to be a pretty big hit this year - hero status if you will?? Now, if I could just figure out how to explain this whole Santa he comes to our house, and then again to grandma's house and so on and so forth...(and yes, I know that this isn't what Christmas is all about - but this year - with having to travel to 3 or 4 other homes that aren't our own in just 3 or 4 days - some of the traditions and lessons we are trying to instill in our children are going to be getting lost...hopefully not completely - but definately somewhat lost!)


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