Say a Prayer -

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve and as I sit here surrounded by family and more material stuff than I could even begin to mention, I count my many many blessings. It is with great sadness that I direct you to my friend Emilie who is now enjoying Christmas with her Saviour. Please keep Emilie and her family, especially her two little boys, in your thoughts and prayers this holiday season and in the months to come. They are facing the unbearable - my worst nightmare. Life is just too short, too uncertain, too unfair.

Please hug your loved ones just a little bit tighter today - for Emilie, and for all of the others who can't.


~Chris~ said...

I am so sad to come across your Post about Emilie today.. I am sad and crying as I read her Husbands post.
It's just so unfair.

Anonymous said...

I was so sad to read about Emilie's passing. I keep thinking about her boys and her husband, and how hard this must be for them, and how unfair it is that for them, Christmas will be forever intertwined with losing her. As you say, life is too unfair. I will definitely be hugging my family closer tonight.

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