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Friday, December 19, 2008

So today I am sitting down at the computer - tears in my eyes again - thanking the good Lord up above for all of my many many blessings. While it's true that I have been somewhat stressed out this week by trivial things such as it taking me 2.5 hours to drive 21 miles in the morning with our winter wonderland weather, waking up covered in pee at 1 am when the 3 year old slept with me the other night and other things so stupid I can't even remember now, the fact of the matter is those things don't matter at all. Not one bit.
The simple fact that I can get up and actually have a job to go to, whether it takes me 20 minutes or 20 hours to get there...and the fact that I have a little girl that IS able to get up and use the potty (almost always)...I am blessed...I have my health, I have the health of my husband and the health of our children. Nothing else really matters does it?

Today I ask you that you please keep the following friends of ours in your prayers - Both are young young women. Both are mothers.
Both have been diagnosed with cancer. Both have made the heart wrenching decisions to stop their treatments and live out the rest of their days as comfortably as possible with the help of Hospice - May God grant them the peace and grace that they so desperately need and deserve. This holiday season, as you rush about from one place to the next - frustrated like I have been about how long it takes you to get there or what is or isn't on the menu - please remember Emilie and Monica and their families - as well as the families of so many others who aren't as lucky as we are this holiday season!


Karyn said...

So true Darcie! Emilie's blog had me weepy all evening. Such a brave woman. Cancer sucks so fucking bad!

~Chris~ said...

I found your Blog thru a link on Feedjet and I am so sorry about your Friends.. Emilies Story hits home as my Sister went thru all she is going thru right now. My Heart goes out to both of these Woman and their Families.
God bless

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