Is Hell Freezing Over??

Saturday, January 24, 2009

It sure feels like it! Temps in the truck told me it was -27 degrees (that is MINUS TWENTY SEVEN DEGREES FARENHEIT for those of you with poor eyesight!) on more than one occassion over the last couple of weeks on my drive into work...(and remember, the truck doesn't measure wind chills!)

(sorry about the quality of the pic - it's from my cell phone and I'm still learning that technology...even though my cell phone is from like 1987!)

But then...when the hubs went back to North DaColda for the big Gopher/Sioux series...which by the way - UND SWEPT MN in...

He came back with THIS picture!!

The hubs with Woog and Frank? UN. BE. LIEVABLE! No photoshop here folks! Apparently the giddiness of having 3rd row seats for the series (Thanks Mom and Tim!) and being able to have a 3 day weekend with 3 of his best buddies away from the wife and kids (you're welcome for my seat guys!!) made him a little delirious...Posing for pics with Frank and Woog?
What's next? I'm scared to ask...


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