Spring Dance Fever...

Monday, February 2, 2009

It's been a long long winter for me...for us. With these obnoxiously low temps, even lower than we are used to, we've been hard pressed for fresh air (well, fresh air that is above minus thirty below) and any sort of decent entertainment or exercise that doesn't involve jumping on the couch (which by the way is strictly prohibited ~ or is supposed to be...) Another winter like this and I'll HAVE to convince the hubs we need a bigger house with more room to run, or at least room to bring our bounce house indoors during the cold winter months!! The other night we uncovered a hidden gem just a mile from our house - a gymnastics center was hosting an open house so we visited...the kids. had. a. blast. I am pretty excited about this place - as are the kids...they host an open playtime on Friday mornings which is PERFECT for us and I'm contemplating signing the girl up for gymnastics there - though after seeing THIS...I might be signing BOTH kids up!!

D was a dancin' tumblin' little fool! He just could not get in enough somersaults and the floor was that spongy gymnastics floor that gives the gymnasts the extra spring in their step...I have another video that shows a little more action but in true ME format - A) I had the camera sideways while I taped and can't figure out if I can rotate the video for all to view? B) I am singing along with the song "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes" while the kids perform and I'm not quite sure I want to scare off my 6 blog readers with that!!

It got quite crowded and they were running a pretty tight ship ie: no playing anywhere in the building while there were performances of any kind going on (anywhere in the building!!) ~ we'll return for some open playtime (for a small fee) and then decide from there if we want to join them for lessons - I've been hard pressed to find a laid back semi-structured dance class for Miss H. ~ everything is geared towards the schedule of a stay at home parent...I finally found a 6 week class for her in a neighboring suburb that starts in March - complete with a little show at the end...Let's hope she got her dad's dance skills and not mine!!


ali said...

looks like a great place!!! glad you could find a way for them to burn off some extra energy (other than jumping on couches!)

as for H in a dance class....have you checked out just for kix at all? this is rae's 2nd year & the other milaca creep has her oldest in it as well this year. lemme know if you want more info!!

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