Sheer Exhaustion...

Friday, February 6, 2009

That's the only way to describe this...

We've had the coughy, runny nose, can't get a wink of sleep/rest overall just don't feel goods around here - I thought we were pretty much over it by Friday but...the little Miss was still an emotional wreck on our 'day off' ~ After yelling at me about how I "ruined her day", running to her room and returning only half dressed (The kid loves to be naked and she'd of been naked if she could have figured out how to get her own buttons undone off her sweater HA!) She sprawled out across a rubbermaid tote and promptly fell asleep! I guess she showed me!!

I took some video but after discussing it with the hubs - even though her little bum wasn't showing - we decided we still shouldn't post video or a pic of her whole body - since it was obvious she was nekke from the waist down!! This will have to tell the story for me!!


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