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Monday, May 4, 2009

Had a busy weekend 'playing' in the yard...

and by playing - I mean doing 'fun' grown up stuff like cleaning up after the world's longest winter and trying to beautify this place for the three months a year that it's nice outside! And I'm not being sarcastic - I really do love doing that stuff! If only I had unlimited money to spend on my projects...I have SUCH a hard time spending much when it all dies off after a few months time! boo!

Don't anyone get between this boy and his bucket!
that's HIS weed bucket and he'll let ya know!

And just like last year - he loves to help mow lawn!

And thankfully - Denny has more patience then me! (yes Betsy - I said it! I think your hubs has more patience than me - at least lately!)
After spending a good 30 minutes with the little man who would take out every single 'light bulb' (gladiola and star gazer lily bulbs to me) that I stuck into the ground...
He (actually they) finally wandered next door to see what was going on over there...THANK GOD!
He was driving me CRAZY! Dig the hole, plant the bulb, unplant the bulb, redig the hole, plant the bulb, unplant the bulb, throw the bulb like a baseball...

But with Uncle Denny - oh THAT was fun!

Not only did he entertain the kids so I could get my 200 light bulbs planted, but while we were at work today - he hung our screen door on our garage entry that we bought to hang but just didn't quite fit right - he's a little lot more comfortable with the skill saw than we are around here!

Smiles all around after the neighbor to the OTHER side brought over not one but TWO king sized Reese's bars for the kids! Talk about HEAVEN! (When she had left for the grocery store she was able to witness the light bulb fiasco - D was pretty mad at me and was furiously digging up those bulbs...
The giant chocolate sure helped! Thanks Pam!

And if the candy smiles weren't enough to let a person know we had a good time over here - how about this? Dirt is a sure fire way to know fun was had by all!


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