Oh Koi!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mother's Day weekend had us out at Como Park & Zoo ~ One of my favorite places...The weather wasn't cooperating though and it was just too darn cold!

So instead of watching the animals for very long ~
We watched the Koi swim around instead ~

It was nice and warm in the conservatory but the flower show was too new and a bit disappointing...maybe we'll head back soon and see if THEIR lilies have opened up yet...
This is how they all looked when we were there...


Ours at home are coming along quite nicely too - even after the whole light bulb incident!!


Ok, so maybe you can't...but you will! Just you wait! The kids and I planted 50 Stargazers and over 100 Gladiola Bulbs! They really are peeking through the dirt (the dirt that looks about a billion years old! ACK! Time for another trip to the Home Depot!)


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