Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So the day started off fairly well, the sun was shining ~ the kids were smiling ~ we were accomplishing things.

H was helping get rid of some weeds...

All the while refusing to give me a decent shot...

I gave up and gave in - let them have the hose for a short time ~

At which point they promptly got their feet wet (and muddy!)

But they were having fun...

So I headed back up the deck steps to put away the camera ~

Only to turn back around before entering the house...
and seeing THIS!!

And while I love them for wanting to keep their clothes somewhat clean ~ I can't quite afford the privacy fence or the acreage we need for my little nudists!! So I convinced D to at least put some shorts back on before continuing to frolic in the mud!!

Yep ~ These pictures are a sure sign that a great day was had ~

And I'm not too sure that it gets much better than this!!


leigh in the sav said...

That's awesome! Love H's muddy tush!

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