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Monday, June 15, 2009

Chicago STAYS in Chicago...or does that just apply to Vegas??

Either way...The hubs took a road trip this past weekend to Chicago with his buddies - The Twins were playing at Wrigley for the first time in many many years and the guys got their hands on the coveted bleacher seats...

Thanks to social networking - I sort of felt like I was right there with the guys on their four day weekend!! Everytime I logged into the computer I wasn't sure WHAT I would find...Thanks to Cookie for sharing the pictures...and letting me steal a couple of them - though he didn't know I did - until now - if he's even reading this!!

Rob did take our point n shoot camera and I wasn't sure he'd use it - but I'm glad he not only took it - but took some pics as well! You know me, I'm all about the pictures!!

Pretty impressed with this one! They look like actual grown ups!!

They enjoyed a nice dinner at Harry Caray's - and I about died laughing when I saw this pic pop up on Facebook - see all that wine and the one lonely glass of beer - yep, that's how we roll in our house!! I knew immediately that was my hubs!

This one popped up entitled...Big Spoon, Little Spoon...
Clever - I personally loved their matching shirts!!

Miller Park - Milwaukee, WI

Micah celebrated his birthday on the trip with a stop in Milwaukee...they said 'it was a sign' - Yes boys, it sure as hell was!!

Celebrating the birthday in style ~

No idea why but they all shaved in mustaches - I guess you had to be there -
personally, I think it helps keep the chics away so that's just fine by me!!

Though it couldn't of been THAT great of an idea as they sent a mobile web shot of one of them shaving his mustache off - with what else - BEER - in the bar!!

Kenny Chesney sang the 7th inning stretch - Rob took this pic just for you Andrea!! He was GOING to get some video/audio but well, you know...

They sure had a good time - glad they were all able to get away and enjoy themselves ~ and so appreciate that I was sort of able to enjoy the ride with them! Til next year right boys???


Andrea said...

WHAT??!!! NO VIDEO AND AUDIO??!!! No close-up Kenny Pics???!! Who knew that I'd have to try to worm my way into the guy's baseball road trip!


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