Friday, July 31, 2009

Got a last minute babysitter to join a few friends last Friday night - on the rooftop of DRINK! in Uptown...
It was a beautiful night for drinks with friends!

The hubs wasn't too sure how to handle the mini beers!

But seemed to do just fine - (perhaps I should have stuck to the mini glasses?)

Not only has it been 7 months since the hubs and I went out alone (alone being without the kids) but it's been ages since I've been able to drink with my girlfriend Kit! She's been living and teaching in Ecuador for the last year and our lives couldn't be more different right now!

Her twin sister has a lil guy of her own now - and he joined us for a bit - lil sweetheart!
A lot of time has passed but it felt like no time has passed - I could use a few more nights like that...but next time I'm requesting the morning after to go along with the night!

Thanks for a great night out you guys! Let's do it again soon, very very soon!


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