It's Saturday Night...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And one of our favorite things to do is the Hastings Car Show - of course, it's not EVERY Saturday night - it's every other - and it doesn't seem to be aligned with our lives this summer - seems we've already gone (twice) the only times we could go this year!

We haven't been about the cars as much this year as we have been in the past -

But we love our ice cream!

Such yummy flavors - Birthday Cake is still our favorite!

The home made tacos are delish...

And who can resist roasted corn on the cob??

The kids stick to what they know - but Pizza is always a good choice...

We've spent more time this year hanging out at the river ~

It's so beautiful there - though you'd never know it from my year baby - next year!

I just love this little town and what it has to offer - it's everything I miss about home and more...

It's a perfect place to spend a relaxing Saturday night - as a family...


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