It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ok, so maybe not the GREAT pumpkin - but we've got pumpkins people!
We've. Got. Pumpkins!

A huge shout out to Auntie Betsy next door who's been watering them with a lil Miracle Grow when we aren't looking...I feel a little bad about the fact that we have two punkins a growin' and she has yet to get one!
Well, she might have but all the critters stop in her yard to snack on her garden...and then they get so full they never make it over to ours!

They are well fed over there that's for sure!

I still don't quite get the fact that the kids and I started our seeds indoors - and then transplanted them and planted the remaining seeds - and the only ones growing are the ones we planted directly into the ground...
oh well..

At least we've got two punkins!

Please look past the weeds - I'm trying - but remember - the snakes live here too - and I'm afraid they might be hiding under all the leaves!


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