The Liz Logelin Foundation 5k - 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday morning had us out at Lake Calhoun for the Liz Logelin Foundation 5k ~ It was sort of the second year - as last year we gathered together for an impromptu 5k and managed to raise a whopping $4400!

This year was a little more official and a little more bank was raised for the Liz Logelin Foundation! Hurray for making huge strides!

We all took turns posing with Matt's Famous Robot -

And then got smart and did a group shot!

Some of the gals worked the registration table...

While others let local gossip columnists know who's boss!
I'd link to her column but, well, frankly, she's not worth the effort -

I'm not sure WHY - but she had to stand right in front of Matt while he spoke...GEEZ she's obnoxious!

I wish I knew who made these, but someone showed up at the walk with these amazing cookies and handed them out!

My 'family' showed up - I think lil Jeter was as tired as I felt...check out his shades!

I knew if I didn't get the kids' shirts before hand - they wouldn't wear them out there - and I was right...

oh well...
they only wanted to climb this awesome old tree...and quite frankly, who wouldn't!?!

my hubs, my sis-in-law Chris and our fantastic neighbor/friend Betsy... who all did the 5k while I manned water with Jenny D and our kids!

Betsy and Matt -

Christy and Maddie ~
My (amazing) hubs wearing D's glasses...

Kim and Ian came out to show their support for the cause!
Liz's Mom, Awesome Auntie Deb and Maddy ~

The talented Lauren Farmer doing what she does so well - I hope one day to visit NYC and play with Lauren!

After the 5k we were treated to pizza and snacks at The Goodman Home - (Liz's Folks place) ~ this time, I didn't bring the hubs... cuz well, you know...the last time we were here...

After the pool party we headed out to celebrate a creepy baby that will soon be making her appearance in this world...Congrats Katie J!

And then...on to Nye's...

Where I only stayed a short time and ducked out early before the real fun began...

There ARE pictures floating around...but I'll let others share those...(I had to steal the 3 I used here from Meesh - and I don't want her to beat me down!)

besides, isn't Nye's one of those places...?
What happens at Nye's...


AKA "Meesh" said...

I'd never beat you down! I gots nothin' but mad love for you sexy, creepy friend! <3 :)

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