Your Vote Counts...Every time!

Monday, October 12, 2009

If you are reading this - chances are that I emailed you about this, or you saw it on Facebook or Twitter - but on the off chance that I do have more than three people who read my blog...and you didn't already see this...

Here's your chance to vote for the world's cutest kid!

The Star Tribune is sponsoring a Kid's Costume Contest...on a whim I grabbed a couple of old pics I had on my computer - Both kids were put in the same semi final round and only H made it through to the top fifty...

That's ok - but that's where you come in...We. need. your. votes! Voting opened today and you can vote once an hour between now and Friday! ACK! FRIDAY! YIKES! I'm going to have to set my alarm all week long to vote for our kid? Sheesh! That's why every single vote you can give us counts! The top winner receives $1000.00. The other 9 finalists in the top 10 each recieve $100.00! How awesome would that be?

Simply Click here to vote - Again, you have to register to vote, but that only takes a couple of seconds, and once you are in, you can vote once an hour every hour, um, for the whole week! I of course would love you to vote often, but I'll take what I can get...every vote counts!

Thanks gang!


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