Happy Halloween...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Does anyone else struggle with getting a pic of their kids together?

Is this really the best I can do?

When it was REALLY Halloween - we dressed the kids in their costumes...which like usual...was a bit of struggle - H was going to be a snow princess - wearing a fun dress up dress - AND NOTHING ELSE - but it was quite chilly on Halloween this year - so a thin felt dress just wasn't going to do...

So...we dug out the costume that she had LAST year - that she refused to wear on Halloween - and we put it on for THIS year's trick or treating festivities...thankfully, it fit...(see the part where she didn't want to wear clothes underneath)

So...here we go!
Halloween 2009!

(Why yes, he IS holding a lighter! Thankfully, even his mother can barely work the thing - so it was ok for him to hold it while I fired off 200 pictures with not a one of them BOTH looking at me at the same time!)

We warmed up with some bicycle races around the house...

and the kids had fun going to a very small hand full of houses...

But then preferred to be loved up next to the bonfire with our favorite friends and neighbors...

Where they stayed until someone fell asleep cuddling at the bonfire - last year it was D! This year, H!

Not sure how many more years we'll be able to pull off this low key, hang out and enjoy drinks by the bonfire thing...but for now - for now it's pretty darn awesome!


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