Punkin' Carvin' Day!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm amazed that we actually got punkin' carvin' day done at our house this year...but we did!

Early in October I picked up a family of pumpkins at a local grocery store - dirt cheap compared to paying by the pound at all the fun pumpkin patches...

But then, the weather got cold and crappy and we just never got around to it - these dang pumpkins sat around our house (because it was too cold to leave them outside) for a month before we finally - the day before Halloweener - got around to carvin' them!

Notice the tape job on this lil guy?
This was H's special pumpkin - but one day, in all of his 7 year old acts like a 7 month old excitement - Bosco knocked this one over and the stem broke off. She was PISSED!

But, little brother to the rescue - one day when he and Daddy were home alone - He engineered this all by himself! What a guy!!

But...Pumpkin Carvin' wasn't on the list of fun things for these kids this year...

Both thought they smelled terrible after we cut open the tops! (and truth be told - they sort of did!)

But, just as he always does...D wanted to dig in and see what he could see!

But you won't see any other pics of H participating in the punkin' carvin' as she refused to wear any clothes for the better part of this day - so she had to sit out after doing a little inspection...

But not before getting a goopy seed caught in her hair! That was one unimpressed lil gal!

I tell you what - I am having a TON of fun being able to go back on this blog and see how things have progressed and changed over the years, especially while doing the exact same thing! See for yourself!!

This is about the best I got of the two of them sitting on the table with the carved pumpkins...

Happy Halloween!


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