All American Girls...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's not a place we visit very often - but it's so close by and really does look quite pretty all decked out for the holidays...

The family and I headed out to the good old Mall of America - but on a weeknight - the place is actually quite enjoyable!

We had good reason to go though -
Meeting up with old friends...

For DESSERT at the American Girl Store!

We met up with our former Daycare Provider and her kids...(her son came along too - but he along with our boys stayed busy at Lego Land and walking around Nickelodeon Universe...)

H was soo excited for a 'girls only' playdate - but we couldn't bear to leave D at home and not give him the opportunity to see our friends...though aside from playing with their boy G - he was too busy and/or too shy to even say BOO to Lisa!

The girls had fun walking around the American Girl doll store - as did I - WOW - what a place!

I mean, just LOOK at H's hair! She could. not. sit. still! Maybe it was the sugar rush from her giant milkshake, the excitement of seeing our old friends...or just the store in general - but holy cow! That rivals some good bedhead!

The girls were soo good wandering around the store excitedly but never asking or begging for anything! (That is one of my fears as a parent, that I'll have the kid that whines and cries at the store for some Godforsaken someting that costs $250.00 and I'll end up buying it just to save myself the meltdown in public only to have to return it later when my kid doesn't know!)
Besides the fact...Target sells their OWN version of this 'type' of doll as well so a person could go there and purchase the salon chair, the horse (which H is DYING to have!) as well as tons of options for fun clothes, shoes,'s version of the Cabbage Patch from my day I guess!

Yep, the girls had fun, and so did I. The American Girl doll store is an experience in and of itself

...and seeing old friends...that was just the icing on the milkshake!


Anti-Supermom said...

I need a girl just so I can go into that store...

can I borrow yours?

Just kidding, I'm not really creepy.

Looks like a great time and yummy!

Marketing Mama said...

This is soooo sweet! I can't wait till my little girl is old enough to do things like that with! :)

Unknown said...

I want a girl too! Maybe a milkshake too. Looks like a great day! So is that her American girl with her? Man those definitely rival with the Cabbage Patch Kids from our day. I remember Emma Jean-oh how I loved her! xoxo Melissa

darcie said...

@Melissa - yep - it was the only thing she was asking for this year and we weren't going to spend the money...but all of our fabulous neighbor friends surprised her (AND US!) and chipped in and got her the Molly doll - She LOVES her so much!

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