Saturday, December 12, 2009

God Gives Us Special Friends

Of all the blessing in my life,
I count most gratefully;
The special friends I know and love-
God gave them all to me.
He gave me friends to share my days,
My good times and my bad;
Close friends who make my life worthwhile
When I feel lost or sad,
He gave me friends for me to love,
Who love me in return;
Good who never hesitate
To show their warm concern.
So not a day goes by without
A sentimental thought
Of all the special things we've shared
And the joys each friend has brought.
And not a day goes by that I
Don't say a special prayer--
That God will keep my special friends
Forever in his care.

-Amanda Bradley

So I just wanted to send a special shout out to our great friends and neighbors...Denny & Betsy - the reason we are still in this 'starter home' 8 years later...

We love love love our two little blessings...but without any family in town, sometimes getting through the day to day is feels impossible...

I know it's that time of year, but this week was a little busier than the usual hub bub, add in the first significant snow fall of the season coming our way and well, you have recipe for disaster with an extra side of chaos!

We started off one morning this week waking up when the hubs' car pooler was in the driveway - ugh - don't you HATE that! Starting the day rushing? Figures it was a day that I had to be downtown for a training meeting - and no sooner did I GET to said training meeting when I got a call from daycare saying D had thrown up and needed to be picked up. Now, I knew he wasn't sick as I had just dropped him off...he had however, the night before, consumed a half a bag of marshallmallows...add in the breakfast pop tarts and the overdrive that was our morning trying to get out the door on time...and well, he puked!

The hubs was at work with his car pooler, as of course, it wasn't his day to drive...and I was at a meeting with a dozen other folks who all drove in from around the metro to train on a new computer system together.

Great. As I was scrambling to figure out what to do - one of the gals says to me 'Can't your Mom go get him? That's what I always do!' - I know this is the way it works for most of the world, or so it seems to me, but that's not how life works for us. Oh, what I wouldn't give...

But thankfully, we have great neighbors!

Since the hubs car was home with car seats, she was able to cruise over to daycare & grab D, and then was nice enough to let him spend the morning with her while I attended my meeting!

What would we do without our chosen family?

Thank you again Betsy! You. are. a. lifesaver!

And besides that - this woman, come rain or shine or sleet or snow or COLD - She ALWAYS comes and gets our first he can do THIS on the weekdays when we are at work and he'd otherwise be stuck inside! (And takes the time to send me the pics! YAY!)


Betsy said...

My Pleasure!! I discovered once again where Nick Jr. is...and what "Crazy Town" is and also... Did you know boys play marbles MUCH different then girls!Abby would cautiously use her shooter to get the marble out of the circle, D on the other hand would wind up and see how FAR the shooter could whip across the living room while the marbles went under every peice of furniture!! This is one of those "what makes boys.. boys and girls... girls??" How do boys know how to make the truck noise? I still can't..Oh well anouther mystery of life!

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