Disney On Ice - The Princess Classics

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Long before we booked and finalized our trip to Walt Disney World - I bought tickets to Disney on Ice - Princess Classics at the Xcel Energy Center. I knew H would love it, and I had hoped that D would too - (Note to self - he still is a 2 year old boy no matter how old he seems to be!)
Attempt number 987,343 at a decent family picture!


We ended up having a conflict with the original date last minute but thankfully a girlfriend from work was able to buy our four tickets to take her young daughters - THANK YOU AGAIN K! We ended up buying NEW tickets to Friday mornings performance and ended up getting FANTASTIC SEATS just 12 rows up! I am sooo thankful I didn't shell out the big bucks for ice side seats - these were almost as good! (Though don't be fooled - ticket master makes it impossible to do anything on the cheap!!)

Speaking of shelling out big bucks - WOW!

It should be a crime to charge what they charge for concessions! I mean, I know I'm getting old but $10.00 for cotton candy with a plastic tiara attached? $15.00 for a slushie in a plastic bottle? $20 for a light up twirly thingy?

I cannot say it enough -thankfully our kids are not beggers - I do not know how I would do if they were - but what I do know is that I'd be broke!

Seriously...the price gouging on the consumer is ridiculous at these things!

H really really wanted a Cinderella Snow Cone cup...and perhaps I'll find her one soon - but hopefully not for $15.00 - but she's sooo good. She asks and then is content when I tell her I'm sorry but no! Man I love these kids!
I know this is just a precursor for our big trip -and hopefully we'll be able to handle that with equal grace!!
And here's to hoping the little boy's attention is held for longer than 30 minutes when we are out and about in Florida!!

A few pics from the day...

Cinderella & her Royal Coach...

Tinker bell!

The Fairy Godmother ~

Beauty & The Beast

Cinderella's helpers!


H's favorite - Dopey!

Ariel & the Sea Witch!


Even a magic carpet!

Aladdin & the Genie!

And of course, what is Disney without Mickey and Minnie!

Snow White...


Cinderella & her wicked step sisters...

And the beautiful Cinderella...


Anti-Supermom said...

looks like a fabulous time and really, really makes me want a girl (minus the $10 cotton candy)


minnemom said...

Show was great, but I couldn't believe the concessions. Luckily my kids know I'm a mean mommy so they didn't fuss too much about things.

Your photos are great!

Maroussia said...

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