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Monday, December 7, 2009

Hey Minnesota Bloggers...
Have you always wanted to meet me but haven't had the chance yet? No, you haven't? Well, what about my friends the Marketing Mama, I want a Mini Van, Anti-Supermom, Simplicity in the Suburbs, or many other fun gals?

Now's your chance!
Head on over to Missy's blog at Marketing Mama and get registered! After all the hoopla that is the holidays...A bunch of us, like a REALLY big bunch of us...hopefully FORTY of us, will come together and meet IRL and gab...and then head on over to Feed My Starving Children in Eagan - (incidentally, something the hubs and I have been wanting to do with our own children but they are too young yet to volunteer with us!).
I'm amazed that .17 cents will pay for one meal - how many of you gets your lunch for .17 cents? Sure, you can pack lunch and brown bag it but even if you are coupon saavy as me - I bet you'd be hard pressed to get yourself a meal for just .17 cents!

This is a GREAT opportunity for us to get together and say hi in person, put faces to some of the names we've been seeing, and give back as well -
Won't you join us?


Kim said...

Oh, I'll join you. For reals. And you and I are rocking the hairnets in a picture together.

simplicity said...

I'll be there too!

Anti-Supermom said...

So, I'm attending under the assumption that I don't drive anyone nuts at Cupcake.

I requested a helmet from Missy - if not, I'm not going ;)

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