Tonight we're gonna party like it's 19...Eighty Four?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So it's not very often the hubs and I go out sans kids ~ but we do try to do it every couple/few months if we can...
We had great occasion to do so last weekend...

Our old friends Shoe and Gully - were celebrating Gully having a big birthday...the big 4-0!
(Sattler with Shoe and Gully!)

What's with that nice mustache and Shoe's hot high bangs hair do?

Well, it was an 80's themed party!

We put on our best 80's duds...

And tore up the town! (well, ok, not the town, just Elsie's - a favorite local haunt, a place we used to frequent way back in the day!)

Special thanks to my hubs for taking this shot of me and my friends -
I would guess he learned his photo skills from his bff Ryan - remember this?

This is a little better...

My hubs was one hot mullet man - something straight out of the early 80's!

And Shoe - That woman can still rock those bangs! Trust me, I tried. I could. not. do. it! I could do it back in the day - but I had no success for this special night!

But Sattler...(Bert Reynolds look alike?) Was totally working that mustache - albeit with his drink of choice - Sex on the Beach!

Nicole's prom dress was soo awesome!

Pop Rocks!

Having myself a little Sex on the Beach with Sattler -

The other birthday boy - Corey also turned 40 - and his costume ROCKED!
Put him in a body bag Johnny!

But then Erin showed up...and she. was. da. bomb! A velvet dress with a nice white ruffle? Side pony and high bangs? WOWSERS!

I thought WE were an adorable couple -

But these two...these two really took the cake! I could not stop smiling every time I looked at them! In fact, I might still be laughing out loud!
It was a great night filled with even greater friends -

To great friends!

Ah, how we love Elsie's...and we love our friends...but only in Minnesota do you see a rifle of all things as the tap on the keg beer!


Amelia Sprout said...

Oh god, we haven't been to Elsie's in ages. I miss bad bowling alleys.

Anti-Supermom said...

Darcie, you could have the best 80's photos ever. period.

Pop Rocks and prom dresses, oh my!

Meg said...

Amazing! I think an 80s theme party would be a blast. You looked awesome!

Amanda said...

lol This whole post made me proud to me a Minnesotan and child of the 80's!! LOVE the outfits and the rifle!


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