Winter Sports...Not so extreme edition...

Friday, January 22, 2010

So it's not as extreme as the snowboard...but seeing as how he just turned three - we thought it time to see if skating will be his thing - we all love hockey in this house -
Now will be the chance to see if our little guy really loves it once we hit the ice!

We got him his first pair of skates...and hopefully in the coming days, we'll grab a helmet and hit the ice!
He's been walking around the house and, imagine this, JUMPING, in his new I'm excited to see what happens when we have these things on for real!
Wish us luck! We have an outrageous deductible this year!


The Fritz Facts said...

My kids love the skate. The first year they had skates, Hunter cracked his head so many times that I KNOW if he hadn't had a helmet on we would have been in the ER. They are faster at picking it up then adults are...

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