All or nothing?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

When the hubs and I bought this house, we had intentions of sticking around for 5, maybe 7 years at most. It wasn't our dream home but it had enough of what we thought we wanted at the time...
ugh - if we knew then what we know now!!
Aside from the great neighbors we have, who we do actually spend more time with than just out at the mailbox for a few minutes each day, there's nothing really keeping us here...
well, you know, besides the flailing economy and crash of the housing market that is.

So...we make due even though we have no coat closet, a garage that barely fits two average cars (and none of our little tikes plastic!), and only one working shower. Whatever right?

Because our money tree isn't growing and we have yet to pick up a winning lottery ticket, we've been making small (read: affordable) changes here and there. The kids' rooms are by far my favorite rooms in the house - they both have new flooring and somewhat fresh paint...and even with their plethora of toys, I am typically able to maintain some sense of order in their rooms. Now, if I could just find some kids bedding that we all like and can agree on, we'd be all set!

Well, set in those two rooms anyway...the rest of the house is a work in progress...

Which brings me to one of our biggest needs-work-in-progress...The kitchen. The week before Thanksgiving our trusty old microwave died (old being the operative word here) so we held out for like an entire 7 days and took advantage of a black Friday special and got a great deal on a nice over the range stainless steel jobby. We love it...but have had some comments both from people who've seen it and people who haven't.
There's the 'why'd you get stainless steel when it doesn't match the rest of your (white) appliances?' and the 'it looks great' (to which I'm sure they are thinking - but totally out of place you morons why not upgrade everything else?

Well, the awesome folks at have offered to give me my 2nd stainless steel appliance, albeit a small one, for taking the time to review it. Soon, I will have my very own (stainless steel) Black and Decker toaster! has soo many wonderful items to choose from - you could seriously do all but your grocery shopping on their website! I don't know the proper etiquette for home improvement for workin' folks like ourselves - do you go all out and purchase a whole room or do you pick up bits and pieces as you go along until it's finally all complete like we do?
I mean...4.5 years for the perfect little girl's room, (minus some awesome kids bedding) and 3 years for the perfect little boy's room (again, minus the kids bedding) isn't so bad for a project completion is it? Wait...don't answer that...

So where is YOUR favorite place to shop for kids' bedding?


Kim said...

Well, since my cash flow isn't exactly flowing, I'd be the bits and pieces over time kind of girl.

And since my kids are sleeping under character (Thomas and Transformers) bedding from Target that were Christmas gifts from my father's wife, I can't say they have bedding I love either. But, I do have grand plans for a room re-do for them that just involves some paint for the walls and quilts from me. But, again with the bits and pieces thing. With the fabrics I want in the quanities I need I'm probably looking at close to $200 in supplies for two twin size quilts.

Unplanned Cooking said...

Hi! I bought our kids' bedding on Was cheaper than Pottery Barn but better quality than what I saw at Target.

Amanda said...

YEAH!! Cant wait to see it and how awesome it works! I am so proud of you for making good choices for your family... you are going good girl!


Jenny Davis said...

I dread the day that all of our appliances kick it. We haven't changed anything out as long as we've been in the house (6 1/2 years) and I have a feeling that they'll go at the same time :)

For kid's bedding...I really like Pottery Barn and purchased that for Peter's bumper and quilt (bought his fitted sheet at Target) and Charlotte's sheet and bumper (no quilt).

Since PB gets a little spendy when you're going for flat and fitted sheets, duvet/comforter and pillow cases, I've found great quality and prices at TJ Maxx.

Granted - you need to stalk the store a bit, but I was able to get 2 sets of sheets, comforters and pillowcases for Peter's bunk beds for like $60 and Charlotte's quilt, sheet set and pillow cases for about $50.

AKA "Meesh" said...

My favorite place? Pottery Barn. My wallet doesn't agree.

Recovering Procrastinator said...

My kids' bedding is from Target. But if I had to do it over, I think I'd get a nice comforter and then get a duvet cover, sheets and pillowcases from Ikea. They have twin duvet covers and pillowcases for $20. So then if in a year or two, they want something different, it's not as big of a deal as buying a whole new set.

You'll like this: When we bought Connor's set, I had picked one out and he liked it. Then I spied a different one on clearance. But he didn't like it. Grace tried SO hard to convince him he should get that one b/c it's on sale. That's my girl!! I gave in and got him the full price one though.

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