Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I can hardly believe that our BFF's lil guy who I could SWEAR was just born last week actually just turned 2!

Thankfully - we were able to celebrate before catching an early flight out of town...Though I'm sure our kids would have gladly stayed all night and licked the yummy frosting off of these delightful treats!

H wore her best Sunday dress - and 'baby Grace' wore hers as well - to celebrate with E ~

And I just know these two will be up to no good for many many years to come...
And H made fast friends with one of E's cousins...she just loooved having another girl to play with! (They wouldn't pose for me so I had to sneak a pic!)
Happy Golden Birthday E! We love you!

And soon, very very soon - when this little guy is mobile...He's going to be adding to the chaos and fun that are our boys! YAY! (Not to mention his baby brother that is coming yet this spring!)
And after hanging with Grandpa Jack for maybe a tad too long - wondering what the heck was going on...I think he'll be cruising in no time!


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