Baby Hogger & Jumping Beans

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I debated about what to title this post...
Nothing was really coming to mind - It was definitely Friday Fun...A playdate extravaganza...
or as you'll soon see...a string of far too many, totally random, very short video clips of the kids doing really pretty much nothing...(I suppose there's a simple way to string together all of my video clips into one huh? Anyone care to share that secret with me?)
Anyway....Baby Hogger seemed most appropriate for the title...seeing as how SOMEONE hogged Baby G for most of the pop in playtime session at one of our favorite local haunts...

oh how she loves herself some mother like daughter I suppose!

The boys...well, they just had a blast running laps around the play area...jumping from one trampoline to the next and then into the foam pit!

Little J preferred a little less action and while he ran and jumped and played and had a great time too - he just wasn't up for the whole dive in and beat each other up with giant foam blocks thing! Smart kid!

And here, for your viewing pleasure - is a total mishmash of H enjoying Baby G and the boys jumpin' around!
If I can't give the kid a brother - at least I can offer him some pretty awesome playdates...How fun to have a friend close to his own age to spend some good quality time with!

While this video will mean nothing to most of you - I think it's pretty awesome seeing as how a month ago when we were here...My little man would.not. jump! Yay for confidence!

And this one, this one I find just plain comical...before I began using the video - she was doing all sorts of crazy crazy split jumps on that trampoline...what a riot...
I did feel bad that she hurt her leg but she felt better 4 seconds later and spent the remaining time playing babysitter to the babe...

So...there you have it...A glimpse into the glamorous life that is mine...And how we try to spend our 1 day a week that I get to be a stay-at-home-mom!


Mary said...

That is AWESOME. We're going to have to check out the open gym one Friday...

Miss K said...

It looks like you guys had a blast!!

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