Fun with Friends

Monday, May 31, 2010

Nothing like spending a Friday morning playing with friends...
Especially when you are allowed to run and jump and throw things for hours on end!

Pile o Boys in the Foam Pit!

While these two stayed busy hula-hooping -

I still have a few more years til I have to make sure they hula in SEPARATE hoops right?

They sure have fun together!
Speaking of fun - Check out the air that P was getting on the trampoline!

And this little blue eyed beauty - well, she stole the show once again - after a teeny tiny bit of hula hooping - H was all about Baby Grace -

If she were just a smidgeon older - Gracie's Mom would be able to get a little break while H 'took care of' the baby - as it stands now - every time we get together - Katie just ends up with one more kid to hang out with! ha ha!

These two tho - partners in crime they are -

I can just see their little minds working - I hope they can be buddies forever...and that they don't get into too much trouble!

It was P's first time here with us and he had a ton of fun - the first couple of times we went D refused to go off the end of the trampoline at all!
I just love watching P scale himself down off the trampoline and into the foam pit!
Can't wait to go back again soon and see just how much 'braver' the boys are together!

We had so much fun, that we decided to bring home an extra 4 year old for the afternoon...

And it was hard to top the morning fun - but we did it...we just don't have the pictures to prove time P - next time we'll get some great shots of you on the 4 wheeler!


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