Smarty Pants

Thursday, June 17, 2010

So last night while I cleaned up the mess that was dinner - H was busy on the dry erase easel as she and her brother are many times each week... (oh how they love to draw and write on that thing...)

She had a 'surprise' for me...


This is what she had done - no prompting from me - no copying the letters from anywhere else - it's just what she does. It's what she knows...
(and no, I was not really surprised - I've seen her writing all kinds of words already - it's just a fun game for her to work so hard & give me a big reveal!)
And as awesome as it is...We've always thought that she was ahead of the game in the learning department...
That was reinforced to us at our previous daycare as well - she told us on more than one occasion that H had a real desire to learn and was a pretty smart little lady.

Not only does she write names and words on her own - she also knows basic addition and subtraction problems up to 10 (you know - 2+3=5 or 4+4=8 or 10-3=7)

Little Miss H ~ We are so very very proud of you...

I wish she was heading to kindergarten in the fall (well, not really but you know...)
How can this possibly be the list of what kids are expected to do for kindergarten?
(Taken from the 'getting ready for kindergarden' pdf from our school districts website!)

With kindergarten still a whole 'nother year and some months away - I can only imagine how very very bored our little girl is going to be if THESE are the sorts of things they are learning...
And speaking of learning...kindergarten here is 2.75 hours a day. WHAT? REALLY?

How are we supposed to get her there (and back less than three hours later) and work too?

We can pay for *kindergarten plus* and get her in 6.5 hours a day for the low low price of $3300. I dunno...didn't we go to kindergarten more than 2.75 hours a day? Maybe not - but I'm almost positive my parents didn't shell out thousands to send us to public school...
What do parents do around here?

Regardless...I think our little H is more than ready...
And not to be outdone by his older sister...he's following closely in her footsteps!


Rachel said...

Wow. Super smarty pants!

Way to go H! That's really impressive. Darcie, does your district offer advanced classes for kiddos like H? Or extra curricular programs for her age? Something to think about for next year.

Or else she and Will could just start a little club together :)

Laurie said...

Our school district has extra classes/teachers for the gifted students. We only do 1/2 day kindergarten because I don't work, but a lot of working parents do full day saying it is about the same as daycare?

Good job H!!!

Anonymous said...

We paid for the all day simply because Boo would have been BORED in the half day. It was well worth it. Just remember that our district has options for all day, and options for schools.

She is pretty smart...must get that from you!

Jen Westpfahl said...

My kindy was half day. Not sure how many hours it was.

Our district is the same as yours. Half day for free, full day for pay. I think it's $275/month. We are doing it b/c Grace REALLY wants to be in school all day.

H is about at the same level of writing/math as Grace so, yes, she will be bored by the time she starts Kindy.

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