Junie B. Jones - Jingle Bells. Batman Smells!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

When I heard about a local production of Junie B. Jones - I knew I had to bring the kids there -

I recently started chapter books with the kids - and those chapter books that have been the biggest hit thus far have been none other than Junie B. Jones!
We also love to get the audio books from the library & listen to those while we play or work on puzzles...

Anyhoo - Junie B. Jones - Jingle Bells, Batman Smells. was being put on at Stages Theater in Hopkins, MN - We've never been there but this sounded like the perfect opportunity to check it out!

Before the show started the kids had a chance to sit at a real school desk & write a quick note to Santa ~

I wish this picture below was video...here she was singing along with the Holiday Music playing before the show - oh how I love to hear her sing...

We had a great time at the show - but I wish I'd of known about the booster seats BEFORE the show was over. The kids had a really hard time seeing around the adults in front of them - which is very frustrating when you pay good money for tickets. I'm not sure what the solution is to this problem - but it happens a lot. I love love love that Stages Theater offers booster seats for their shorter patrons, I just wish I'd of checked in with my twitter peeps before the end of the show! Shortly before the show started I sent a note out saying we were at the show but the kids couldn't see - I was met with a swarm of 'GET A BOOSTER SEAT!' -

NOW you tell me!

Well, their upcoming calendar looks amazing - I can't wait to return again - and next time - we'll be sitting near the front - or we'll be getting the booster seats! H had a GREAT time - D was pretty bored because he couldn't see. He spent a lot of time hopping up on my lap, leaning left, leaning right, asking me if it was over...

(hence the reason I couldn't peek at my phone and check in on my twitter feed!)

When it was over - the cast all stood in a line for a meet & greet which the kids found pretty cool - they each got their play programs autographed...

There's a lot I don't love about this big, busy, snow filled, cold Metro we call home -but being able to expose our preschoolers to the Arts - That is definitely something that I love!

If you can get to a production at Stages - I highly recommend it.

They have some awesome shows coming up in the coming months, the theater was clean and comfortable and there was FREE PARKING a half a block away in a covered ramp. (And if you need one -get the booster seat!)

*** I was not compensated in any way, shape or form for this post. I purchased & paid for tickets online for the kids & I to attend this show. (They mailed them to my house - which I love! Will Call makes me nervous!) The opinions & pictures in this post are mine and mine alone. ***


MommyLisa said...

We go to Stages at LEAST twice a season for the last three seasons. Moose and Pinkalicious are the next up.

The booster seats are usually very visible right there at the doors, so surprised you didn't see them. They rock!

Kimberly said...

We also went to see this production earlier in the season, and loved it!

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