The Karate Kid

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One of the things I feel that is so important in our roles as parents is to expose our kids to as many different things in life as possible...We live in a land of opportunity ~ and I want to take advantage of as much as we can...

We recently enrolled the little man in a 4 week 'Little Ninja's' class - Such a great opportunity to introduce the kids to an extra curricular & see if they may or may not like it!

Look how quickly he caught on!
(See the lighting fast speed on his front & back punches!!)
(HA! That's what happens when you leave your SLR at home!)

After 3 weeks he earned his white belt ~

And really really enjoyed himself...

We were so proud to see him trying his hardest...paying attention...following the rules.
(He may or may not have his mother's coordination at this point in his life however...)

The 4 weeks FLEW by...
It sounds like he'd like to continue doing karate or some form of marshall arts...

His Dad and I are all for it ~
We loved the studio we went to -though it isn't close to home, which is a real bummer...A 30 minute Little Ninja Class ends up being a 2 hour ordeal getting from point A to point B and home again...
We'll see what our next adventures find for us...perhaps another one just as great is just waiting to be discovered in our own neck of the woods somewhere?


Anonymous said...

I always wish Hunter could have done some form on Martial Arts...he would have benefited from the dedication! I can't wait to put this little man into it though!!

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