Winter's Last Hurrah!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Or so we hope!
We'll see what this tail end of March brings us...YUCK!

The weekend - while overcast & gloomy - gave way to some warmer temps...melting the mountains of snow we have lying around...
But the little man found just enough to practice his skills one last time...

(You'll note he has no coat, hat or gloves...his choice...and it WAS warm enough...until he wiped out...yes, I have that on video...and no...I can't post it...because there were a few tears and that wouldn't be very nice of me)

With a hat & gloves - he found his groove...

This is our outdoorsman...Just like his mother...He'd be content to spend every waking second outside...(Well, except I don't much care for winter...but he doesn't seem to mind. Snow caves, sledding, snowboarding, name it - if he's outside - he's pretty happy & content!)

Check out the little man in action!


Anonymous said...

He has gotten so good at that! Boo practised a lot this winter on her mini-snowboard. I love watching her learn!

Galit Breen said...

Love it lady! I'm *so* over Winter! Hats and mittens, begone! :)

Loved the clips, btw! Such expert Minnesotans right there! :)

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