Brookstone - Things I never knew I needed!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last week I was invited to be a guest at Brookstone at the Mall of America ~ to come on in and see what's new on their shelves.

It had been many many years since I've set foot in a Brookstone store, and to be honest, I couldn't think of what I might possibly want or need from this store.
Wow...I couldn't have been more wrong!

I am so very very glad I went!

Every step further into their store brought me to yet another thing I didn't even know I wanted or needed, but now wonder how I've been living without!

The first thing that caught my attention - was THIS!

The CandyMan Motion Activated Candy Dispenser!

Now, it doesn't HAVE to be jelly belly candy...but I just love seeing them. My Dad LOVED jelly belly candy and I smile every time I see them and think of him...

And speaking of smiling...
What a long long long winter we had...and I'm not sure where spring is either...

But what about the Happy Light?

I have been wanting one of these things...And seeing as how I'm in a windowless office now...
It's TOTALLY worth the investment right? Maybe my office would even pick up the tab?

Of course, I'd be schlepping it to and from the office to use at my house daily too...considering that we don't get many hours of sunlight for half the year...
Could this really make a difference?

And for those of us who have some pretty important negatives of some pretty significant photos that aren't digital in our collection? Like, say, our wedding photos from 7 years ago?
The iConvert Instant Slide and Negative Scanner!

And along those same lines...something that I totally could have used a few weekends ago. We borrowed a camcorder from a friend (because ours broke before I had thought to back up hours and hours of home movies) and because our computer doesn't take firewire, we also had to borrow a that we could transfer our tapes via Peggy's camcorder via Dan & LeAnn's laptop via firewire to my external hard drive.
Turns out - all I had to do was pick up one of these fancy little numbers! (Well, and still borrow Peggy's camcorder since mine won't play movies but still...!)

iconvert Video Converter!

We appreciated the little snacks that Brookstone had set out for us...

And I appreciated the fact that Brookstone welcomed not just me, but my family as well!

This month has been insanely busy and while I was excited to attend this event, I wasn't so excited about spending yet another evening away from my kiddos...So a HUGE thanks to Brookstone for entertaining my kids & for being so kid friendly!

Brookstone carries a great selection of 'toys' & they were more than happy to show them to my little ones...

And not quite a toy, but something pretty cool for the not-so-little-kids in your life...

The Digital Alcohol Detector!
A totally fun & even dare I say, 'educational' item to have for that weekend at the cabin or golf outing?

Here are fellow bloggers from Life with Levi and Fabuliss enjoying massages via the
OSIM foot & calf massagers.

And while I could probably write all. day. long about the super awesome gadgets & gizmos I saw at Brookstone...

I'll just tell you you really need to check out their store for yourself.

If you don't have one near you - check out their website!

Brookstone has some GREAT gift ideas for Dad...and Father's Day is just around the corner...

Which is too bad...because I would have LOVED one of these for Mother's Day...
The Key West Margaritaville Frozen Drink Maker!

You know why I don't like to make these kinds of drinks at home? Because I don't want anyone (like myself!) to choke on a giant ice chunk that my regular old blender didn't blend...

This wonderful machine made the most perfect shaved ice! Wow...

If summer ever shows up around here...A person could really put this to good use!

We capped off the night checking out the Zoku Quick Ice Pop Maker -

The kids patiently waited while the minutes ticked by...

And then...TA DA! Frozen Strawberry Milk pops! YUM!

Yes, who knew that this store carries something for everyone? And lots of stuff for little old me?

The next time we are shopping for a unique wedding present or a gift for that hard to buy for person...Brookstone will be the first stop!

If you need a gift for someone soon, or maybe for yourself, check out Brookstone's Coupon Page for some extra savings! See all of their great deals here! 

*** A huge thank you to Brookstone for having myself and my family out to their Mall of America location to thumb up the products and test them out for ourselves. I was not compensated for this review and the words and pictures are my own. ***


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