We've got Babies!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last year in my learning to garden experience...I planted some milkweeds...

We had such fun discovering Monarch caterpillers in our garden last year...That we knew to go looking for them again this year...

See that tiny white spec on the back side of this leaf? Yep, that's a butterfly egg!

And another one!

We've patiently been waiting for the eggs to hatch...
And imagine our delight when we came home today to find teeny tiny bebeh caterpillers!!

(You may need to click on the photo to even be able to see the little guy on the leaf!)

Seriously - click here to see how big the garden friends we discovered LAST year were!

What fun!!

We brought in not one, or two, or three...but ELEVEN baby caterpillers who are now happily, and safely, munching milkweed leaves in our butterfly habitat...

Have you found any caterpillers in your own neck of the woods? Do you see (m)any butterflies flying around?

We love watching the miracles that transpire right before our very eyes!


elle said...

So fun, Darcie!! And look at your gorgeous fingers - I'm so jealous of your manicure! Yeow!

darcie said...

@Elle manicure? Me? Girl, I haven't had one of those since my wedding 7 years ago!! This is just some CVS nail polish special...just don't look tooooooo closely! ;)

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